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The Shotokai College, led by Colin Reeve, practises, at its essence, an eminent non-aggressive martial art that teaches not how to fight, but how to live without having to fight. This art empowers practitioners to success – not through aggressive behaviour, physical strength or domination, but through stimulating one to play in the field of full awareness.

We practise coming aware of, blending with and leading energy from wherever it comes, in all its forms or disguises and to skilfully disarm and transform it.

With constant movement, development and interplay of mind, body and emotion and never becoming stuck on or fragmented from an idea, we become fully awake and respond to the truth of the moment.

Our Philosophy

Colin Reeve in the Dojo

Leading edge teaching and learning principles transform performance and develop potential in your whole life. Improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and embody the art of Karate-do.

Community through artistry & grace.